Aaron Lord - At the Crossroads?
February 3 2003

WHAT will season 2003 bring for Aaron Lord? The Cat come Hawk come Cat again started off season 2002 as many 'mature-age' recruits do - with a bang. However as the season went on Lord seemed, at times, uninterested in the game and went missing. However, Lord never found himself out of the senior team on form alone, always rushed back in when back from injury.

Is 2003 the year in which Lord solidifies his place in the AFL team, or his final fling at the elite level?

My opinion is that he has 8 weeks, in which to use his superior experience and strength to maintain his place in the side, ahead of talented youngsters such as Gary Ablett, James' Kelly, Bartel, Steven Johnson, who can all play up forward (as well as contribute on the ball).

Lord will have it easier than in 2002; no more Ronnie Burns in the side, who was a permanent fixture as small forward option, but did not perform. Indeed, Lord was by far the most productive small forward for Geelong.

I hope he makes it but I am 50/50 on this one.