David Mensch VFL team B&F

In the VFL team best and fairest, the ever popular David Mensch, on 570 votes, won in a landslide from fellow veteran Tim McGrath, who finished on 485. Daylight third was rookie-listed Adam Chadfield, fresh from finishing 2nd in the AFL player's sprint last weekend.

Surprisingly, Gary Ablett did not feature in the top ten, while Paul Chapman finished 9th despite only playing 8 matches. James Rahilly, who cemented his position in the AFL side in the second half of the season, polled well, coming in forth.

2002 was a fantastic turnaround for the Geelong VFL side, winning the Premiership after not even making the finals series last season. Led by Captain Tim McGrath and fellow veteran David Mensch, several other players emerged to the AFL ranks later on in the season, in Chapman, Rahilly, Steve Johnson.

It is not yet clear what 30 year old Mensch's future at the club is, no statement has been made by player or club thus far. What is known is that Mensch only played a single AFL game in 2002, and when seemingly earning a spot in the side on merit, was bypassed in favor of youth.

Originally from local club the Grovedale Tigers, along with Port Power star Matthew Primus, Mensch made his way onto the Geelong list by the now extinct under-19 system, as did Captain Ben Graham. His highlights have been (in no particular order) 2002 VFL Premiership, 1994, 1995 AFL Grand Finals, Coach's Award 1998, Best team & most constructive player 2000, Leading Goalkicker 2000.

VFL Best & Fairest Top Ten

Mensch, D 570
McGrath, T 485
Chatfield, A 412
Rahilly, J 357
Johnson, S 336
Hunt, J 326
Bartel, J 305
Woolnough, M 302
Chapman, P 300
O'Brien, D 291