B Jensen May 9 2004

GEELONG had an easy victory over the Hawks at Telstra Dome this evening. In front of a Mother's Day crowd of 28,612, Geelong won every quarter and lead for almost the entire game, after Hawthorn opened the scoring with a behind. Once again the Cats scored over one hundred points, and it could have been much more than the 56 point victory had the Cats have kicked straight.

Geelong joins three other Victorian teams in the top eight. In good news for the Vics, St Kilda heads up the ladder along with Melbourne, who Geelong must face next Sunday at Skilled Stadium.

Brent Moloney was replaced in the selected side by David Johnson. Geelong opened the first term with four goals and an astonishing seven behinds. This was followed by two goals five in the second quarter, the Hawks managing just two goals in each.

It was a largely uninspiring game; Geelong thrashing the Hawks all round the ground, all that stopped the game being a near hundred point blowout was Geelong's kicking. Although it must be said many of the misses were opportunistic snaps. Spearheads Ben Graham and Kent Kingsley displayed a general reluctance to take a shot, always looking to pass off. This cost Geelong, Graham passing off the Kingsley, the siren sounding a millisecond before Kingsley marked. The obvious free kick for charging at the man ignored, no score was registered. (Ironically had Kingsley simply ducked for cover the kick would have bounced through for a goal).

In the second half Geelong continued slowly blowing Hawthorn to the shisenhousen. David 'Dessie' Haynes was a brilliant target all night, with fifteen possessions and seven marks, most of them contested. Cam Mooney conceded almost every hitout, which was largely academic, as he usually ruck-roved (should that be rove-rucked?) the ball himself. For the first game in recent memory, Moons did not concede one 50m penalty, nor any free kicks.

The backline held up all night, despite the best efforts of Hawthorn forwards Mark Williams, Nathan Thompson and Nick Holland. Brenton Sanderson was not sited no the ground very often, possibly injured. James Rahilly struggled all night. Matthew Scarlett and Tom Harley put in another typical professional performance - both must be in the running for All Australian honours after the first dozen rounds.

James Kelly was my pick for best on ground. Closely followed by Joel Corey, Darren Milburn and new boy Haynes. Perennial hard nut Paul Chapman fought hard all night against the taller Hawk opponents, conceding nothing and hurting them with his footskills.

Gary Ablett came onto the ground late in the first quarter, and quietly collected a dozen possessions and one goal. Coach Mark Thompson deserves credit for easing him back into competition, after missing the first few games with a groin injury.

Josh Hunt had yet another great game and has cemented a spot in the senior side. As has Charlie Gardiner. But of course SOMEBODY has to sit out for the return of the King; Skipper Steven King will resume in the AFL within the next few weeks. David Loats is a chance also to push for AFL selection after his second VFL game after injuring his knee in the Wizard Cup semi final, against Melbourne.

On a sad note there was once again no shortage of morons in the crowd spoiling the evening for children, mothers and generally sane people as one. Why people choose to go to a game without a rudimentary understanding of the rules or common decency is beyond me. Then again you can't legislate against stupidity (Sorry, Bracksy).

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GEELONG: 4.7 6.11 10.14 15.18 (108) DEFEATED
HAWTHORN: 2.1 4.1 5.1 8.4 (52)

GOALS: Geelong: Haynes 3, Chapman 2, Graham 2, Kingsley 2, Ablett, Corey, Gardiner, Ling, Mackie, Milburn Hawthorn: Williams 3, Brown 2, Croad 2, Dixon
BEST: Geelong: Kelly, Corey, Ling, Milburn, Hunt, Chapman, Harley, Haynes, Scarlett Hawthorn: Everitt, Williams, Smith, Brown, Croad