Meet Andrew Mackie
December 10 2002

NEW Geelong recruit Andrew Mackie is sure to get a cult following down at Skilled Stadium. If he's any good that is. He shares the same name as cult (read: mediocre) South Park character Mr Mackie, well known for saying "Mmmmm Kaaaaaay?".

But this Mr Mackie can do more than just teach kids that 'Drugs are bad', he can play. So much so that Kevin Sheedy, long known for attempting to rort the AFL Draft system, complains that "something fishy has been going on".

Mackie did not make the South Australian under-18 side this season, but was apparently high on Essendon and the Western Bulldogs' wish lists. It is not the first time that a player not participating in the National Under 18 Championships has been selected in the Top Ten of the Draft, although it does seem that way, the amount of publicity this has created.