Cats hang on... just, as Dirty Saints walk away empty handed
August 12 2002

Geelong 16.6.102 d St Kilda 15.11.101

Geelong, although scoreless in the forth quarter as St Kilda piled on 7 goals, defeated the Saints by a solitary point at Colonial Stadium yesterday. Physically battered by the Saints, mostly behind play, Geelong struggled to field a fit 18, ultimately having to send the injured Matthew Scarlett back onto the field, as he and Ben Graham battled valiantly, and prevailed, holding the Saints scoreless in the last 5 minutes of the game. So far in 2002, Geelong is undefeated at Colonial Stadium, having defeated the Kangaroos, Carlton, Essendon and now St Kilda at the ground.

In an final quarter that saw 11 free kicks to 1, yet several Geelong players off with head wounds, and the Geelong skipper suffering a kick to the leg behind play (courtesy Aaron Hamill), the Saints made Geelong look second rate on the scoreboard. But the 38 point lead that the Cats had coming into the final break was enough, although certainly the Cats did not look too happy after the game.

The Geelong players cooled off this morning at Eastern Beach, for a recovery session in the ice-cold water. While the copy coming out of Kardinia Park has so far been scarce, Mark Thompson was said to be 'fuming' but 'happy to get the four points' after the match. At least one, perhaps three and probably two of Brad Sholl(10 possessions), Mitchell White (6), Glen Kilpatrick (3), Danny Foster (2) or Ronnie Burns (9) will sit out the trip to Perth next weekend. The Cats now need to win at least one more game to be assured of September action, facing Fremantle (Subiaco), Brisbane (Skilled) and Hawthorn (Colonial) in the final three rounds.

It's official! - Wobbler fans are morons
Reference- Cats Claw Message Board

In the wake of another Wobbler loss on Friday night, for some unusual reason Collingwood fans made their way in droves to the 'Cats Claw', the unofficial Cats message board, to gloat. About what, exactly? Among other things, that Ayres got us into 3 grand finals, Kent Kingsley is Simon Prestigiacombwhatever's bitch, Collingwood fans are smarter, etc etc.

Apparently it's quite kosher for the Wobblers to rock up in unison to other team's message boards, especially before & after a loss, but if anybody goes to repay the compliment, their posts get deleted and a day or so later, everybody other than the few designated wobblers are banned from the board. Not sure what the Wobbler message board is called again, something like From the Gutter. Here's some of the gems:

Pre Friday night's loss:

BigBobHeard: "By the way, Kent Kingsley is Simon Presti's bitch. Lookin forward to pumpin you guys in the finals, that's if you make it."

Bob again: " That's all about to change rikkiandkristy, if we should happen to cross paths in the finals....assuming we aren't coming off a 6 day break like last time."

tessa403: "Where do we come from uranus,and all around you even down in that hell hole you call a town.We are very similar you did what we did late70s early 80s in the next decade late 80s early 90s.Your dew for a big one about now but it wont happen will it."


Bob again: " My, my, there are a lot of contented pussies in the cattery of late. Giving plenty of cheek to your betters too, I note with interest. Anyone would think you had a right to be chirpy, but with 2 losses on the trot and the prospect of a rodgering from the Aints tomorrow, could be your boasting is a tad premature"

wakelin14: "i mean use must be the real deal if u can beat Saints by a point, and i dont blame u for being cut at Ayers, i mean he only got u to to 3 grand finals"

Cats' skipper Ben Graham, the hero in the last five minutes.