July 14 2003

PAUL CHAPMAN was the hero on Saturday afternoon at Telstra Dome, kicking the winning goal against Richmond. In sickeningly similar circumstances to last round's last minute win over the Port Power, the Cats lead all day only to surrender the lead to the Tigers with 10 minutes to go. After regaining the lead quickly the Cats were four points behind with only a couple of minutes left.

Never mind, young Cats Steve Johnson, the improved Peter Street and Chapman devised a plan: at a boundary throw-in Johnson was to 'screen' Chapman while Street tapped the ball towards the goal. Things didn't quite go to plan, but the end result was a match winning goal. Chapman put boot to ball centimetres inside the line.

Geelong Captain Steven King was absent due to his chronic achilles injury but was replaced by Street. Street, in his second game back after months in the VFL, controlled the ruck all day. But the Geelong midfielders appeared to be uncertain of how to play to his tap ruck style, different to that of King. Around the ground, Street was useful. I was not quite convinced he had a future at Geelong, however I've now been won over; Street looks the better long term option than Paul Chambers.

After the game the Geelong players chaired off Mark Woolnough, who played his final game for the Cats on Sunday in the VFL. Woolnough, who first played for Geelong in 1998 via Southport, cruelly suffered two knee reconstruction's in the pre-seasons of 1999 and 2000. The first knee injury was at Southport, the same game that former captain Leigh Colbert did his. Woolnough is one of half a dozen father-son recruits at Geelong and will be missed around the club.

Next week Geelong lost the Bulldogs at Skilled Stadium. So far we are the only team to lose to the Bulldogs, the shock loss occurring in Round One. King should return and the other late withdrawal from last week, Jarad Rooke, is a chance. Although one wonders what exotic blend of 'flu' Rooke really has. The kind that affects the groin?

RICHMOND: 1.3, 4.4, 8.7, 15.7 (97)
GEELONG: 4.3, 8.7, 11.9, 15.11 (101)

GOALS: Richmond: Cameron 4, Richardson 3, Johnson 2, Rogers, Ottens, Stafford, Blumfield, Holland, Coughlan 1.
Geelong: Graham 5, Ablett 3, Lord 2, Bartel, Kingsley, Mooney, Chapman, Milburn 1

King, Kelly return; Geelong v Western Bulldogs Match Preview

Paul Chapman kicks the winning goal over the Tigers on Saturday

Mark Woolnough goes out in style; Geelong defeat Coburg Tigers

Geelong 21.12.138 d
Coburg Tigers 14.11.95

Goals: Clarke 3, Gardiner 3, Byrnes 2, Bright 2, Carrazzo 2, Lonergan 2, McCarthy 2, Smith 2, Callan, Jordan, Mackie.

Best: Woolnough, White, Carrazzo, Byrnes, Finnin, Lonergan.