Guernsey Numbers released
January 15 2003

GUERNSEY numbers have been released for season 2003. Top recruit Andrew Mackie takes over the number 4 guernsey most recently worn by Jason Snell. Newly promoted Will Slade finds himself with Brad Sholl's old number 12, Tom Lonergan number 13. Another Tim, Tim Callan, takes over Tim McGrath's number 17.

Brent Moloney will wear the number 32 made famous in recent times by Garry Hocking. Moloney is a 'local' having played with the Geelong Falcons, although actually originating from South Warrnambool in the Hampden League.

Numbers 5 and 8 remain vacant, Gary Ablett not yet 'ready' to take up his father's number (fair enough, too!). But the absence of Ronnie Burns' former number 8 remains a mystery. Geelong's part of the trade with the Adelaide Crows, Ben Finnin, has number 37.

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