Geelong Members to vote on new away jumper
November 18 2002

MEMBERS of the Geelong Football Club will go to vote at the Annual General Meeting on December 18 to vote on whether or not the club can change their away jumper. At present under the Club's constitution, the jumper MUST contain Blue & White stripes. The jumper is deemed as necessary when playing the Kangaroos, who wear vertical blue & white stripes.

CEO Brian Cook said: "Where there is a clash and we are not the home team, then the AFL should have the right to tell us to wear the alternative guernsey. It will be used once or twice a year maximum, if at all. We have tried to keep the hoops there from an historical point of view but they just can't be white."

It is not yet clear whether or not there will be proxy forms available for members to vote on othe proposed changes, or members must attend the AGM. Members after further information should contact the club by emailing