Are we deliberately playing for draft picks?
May 19 2003

SOUNDS CYNICAL? Well it might not be such a bad thing. After losing Steven King and Charlie Gardiner before the bounce, Geelong was always going to struggle against Sydney. But that did not make up for the very disappointing display in three quarters yesterday. The Cats did 'OK' in the third quarter, but only got to within 21 points of the Swans. An ordinary 22,483 attended the match, after the SCG was unceremoniously dumped upon over the proceeding 72 hours.

Former skipper Ben Graham made a welcome return to form, once more playing in the forward line. Before the match, Graham told Channel Nine's Dermott Brereton that this season he does not have as much pressure on him to perform when 'up forward'. Graham booted four goals and looked as good a marking target as Geelong has had for years. Clint Bizzell aside.

Gary Ablett's star continued to rise, displaying excellent disposal by hand and foot and very cool under pressure. Ablett, who recently turned 19, is ineligible for the National AFL Rising Star award this year, after playing more than 10 games in 2002. But you get the feeling that Ablett wouldn't care for such an award anyway and would rather let his footy do the talking.

Next Sunday afternoon Geelong host the Hawks at Telstra Dome. Hawk fans have been irate after they lost the last two weeks. And if they're shirty, how do you think the Cats faithful will feel, with just one win out of the first eight weeks? Expect two fired up teams to come 'out of the blocks' next Sunday down at Docklands.

For Geelong the season can and probably will continue to get worse, with Adelaide, Carlton and another trip across the Nullaboor to face Fremantle coming up.

Geelong had the bye in the VFL this weekend. Fallen Angel Cameron Mooney was spotted in the late hours of Saturday evening at Lamby's Bar in Geelong enjoy the scenery.

SYDNEY: 5.2 10.8 12.9 17.10 (112) defeated
GEELONG 1.0 4.1 8.6 11.7 (73)

GOALS: Sydney: Stevens, Fosdyke, Hall, Goodes, Roberts-Thomson, Schneider, Maxfield 2, J. Bolton, Williams, Cresswell.
Geelong: Graham 4, McCarthy 2, Ablett, Kingsley, Chambers, Chapman, Riccardi.

Matt McCarthy, in just his 2nd AFL game, kicked 2 goals.