Tim McGrath to retired at year's end
August 20 2002

Yesterday Geelong veteran Tim McGrath announced that he would not be playing football with the Geelong Football Club after this season. McGrath, who has played most of the season in the VFL, has played 226 AFL games, 219 at Geelong. He is considered a victim of Geelong's youth policy this season, on merit and form he probably should have played a few more games. Instead, the longer term picture was looked at, unfortunately for Tim he was not a part of it.

McGrath still plans to play out the season in the VFL, and will settle for nothing less than a Premiership. The Geelong VFL side is one game clear on top of the ladder, having lost just one game so far this season. Another Geelong veteran, cult favorite David Mensch, is yet to state what his future intentions are, having only played the one AFL game this season.

On Saturday August 31st at the Grand Hyatt (Just over the road from the Author!) Tim McGrath will be given a Testimonial to his wonderful career, most of which has been at Geelong. Tickets are $120 or $140, entitling you to a half decent meal and "free" grog.

Details here (on Official Site)