All quiet on trade front
October 26 2002

GEELONG has so far not completed a single trade, in this year's abbreviated trading period. Trading officially began on Thursday morning, and as of Saturday afternoon, no trades involving Geelong had been completed. Geelong has still not re-signed key forwards Kent Kingsley and Cameron Mooney, although the club is far from taking panic stations on the issue.

Hawthorn has gained the services of Spider Everitt, West Coast that of Daniel Chick, and Adelaide Wayne Carey, while rumours persist of Brisbane's Clarke Keating headed to Victoria. Not much interest has been shown in any 'non-required' Geelong players, including the out of form (and favour) Ronnie Burns.

Meanwhile the City of Greater Geelong has agreed in principle to providing funds of up to $6Million for the redevelopment of Skilled Stadium at Kardinia Park. However there is several conditions imposed, and much water must pass underneath the bridge for the funding to be set in stone.

Artists's impression of $25Million redevelopment at Skilled Stadium