7:40pm (AEST), Friday, 8 August



In: Peter Riccardi, Tom Harley, David Johnson
Out: Cameron Mooney, Peter Street, James Kelly

B: Milburn, Scarlett, Sanderson
HB: Wojcinski, Graham, Harley
C: Rooke, Enright, Spriggs
HF: S.Johnson, Playfair, Chapman
F: Ablett, Riccardi, Bartel
FOLL: Chambers, Corey, Ling
I/C: Rahilly, Moloney, D.Johnson, McCarthy
EMG: Kelly, Clarke, Street

In: Rivers, Thompson
Out: Johnstone (left the country after a contract was let due to non payment of gambling related debts), Green

B: Whelan, Nicholson, Bizzell
HB: Brown, Carroll, Ward
C: Walsh, Yze, Thompson
HF: Heffernan, Miller, Bruce
F: White, Neitz, Robertson
FOLL: Jolly, Godfrey, McDonald
I/C: Armstrong, Hunter, Williams, Rivers
EMG: Green, Ferguson, Wheatley

GEELONG backman Tom Harley rejoins the side, adding some much needed skill
FORMER Cat forward now Demon backman, Clint Bizzell (2001 v Collingwood)


LAST TIME: The Cats crapped all over the Demons, who were very, very ordinary. Matthew Scarlett and Tom Harley kept Captain David Neitz to just the one handball after quarter time.


Tip? Geelong by 1point