Skilled Stadium

2:10pm (AEST), Saturday, 16 August


West Coast

In: Peter Street
Out: Paul Chambers

B: Milburn, Scarlett, Sanderson
HB: Wojcinski, Harley, Rooke
C: Riccardi, Enright, Spriggs
HF: S.Johnson, Graham, Chapman
F: Ablett, McCarthy, Bartel
FOLL: Street, Corey, Ling
I/C: Rahilly, Moloney, Kelly, Playfair
EMG: Mooney, Callan, Gardiner

In: McIntosh, Fletcher, Banfield, Sampi, Glass
Out: McDougall, Selwood, Green, Munro, Wilson

B: Read, McIntosh, Collica
HB: Hunter, Jakovich, Braun
C: Wirrpunda, Cousins, Judd
HF: Jones, Sierakowki, Chick
F: Matera, Haynes, Sampi
FOLL: Cox, Fletcher, Kerr
I/C: Banfield, Staker, Chambers, Glass
EMG: Selwood, McDougall, Humm

GEELONG on baller James Kelly impressed last week and is keen to cement his position in this side for years to come
ASHLEY SAMPI is tackled by Geelong's James Kelly last time around


LAST TIME: Geelong went down narrowly to the Eagles. This time around the Eagles are on the rebound, dropping not less than FIVE players. The Cats meanwhile lose emerging ruckman Paul Chambers to injury for Peter Street.

Tip? Geelong by 11points