Telstra Dome, Melbourne

7:10PM, Saturday, 27 March


Geelong Squad

B: Harley, Scarlett, Sanderson
HB: Rahilly, Mooney, Milburn
C: Riccardi, Enright, Kelly
HF: Kingsley, Graham, Haynes
F: Ablett, McCarthy, Bartel
Foll: Chambers, Corey, z
Inter: Spriggs, Chapman, Hunt, Rooke
Emerg: Playfair, Moloney, Gardiner

Will David Spriggs be a part of the lineup?

St Kilda Squad

B: Baker, Penny, Voss
HB: Blake, Maguire, Jones
C: Black, Hayes, Goddard
HF: Riewoldt, Hamill, Harvey
F: Milne, Gehrig, Koschitzke
Foll: Knobel, Ball, Powell
Inter: Peckett, Thompson, Dal Santo, X.Clarke
Emerg: Schwarze, Montagna, Murray

St Kilda's Nick Riewoldt


Round 22, 2003

GEELONG 0.2 4.7 9.11 12.12 (84)
ST KILDA 2.3 3.6 5. 7 9.11 (65)
Goals: Geelong: G Ablett 3 C Gardiner 2 S Johnson 2 J Kelly 2 B Sanderson D Wojcinski B Graham.
St Kilda
: A Jones 2 J Blake L Fisher B Voss F Gehrig A Thompson S Powell R Harvey.
Best: Geelong: G Ablett, M Scarlett, D Milburn, J Kelly, J Bartel, B Graham.

In the lead up to this match, Grant Thomas boasted that 'he was so close (to a premiership) he could feel it'. Bomber's babies showed that they, too, had talent.

Darren Milburn shut down Nick Riewoldt while not so saintly Steven Powell cleaned up Cameron Ling behind play on more than one occasion.

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Tip? St Kilda by 31 points


Gary Ablett starred in Geelong's last match against the Saints