Optus Oval, Carlton - 2:10PM, Sunday, 4 April



Darren Milburn took this grab against the Blues last season but won't be playing against the Blues this weekend.


Carlton's new whipping boy, David Clarke.

Geelong Squad

IN:Gardiner, Moloney, Tenace, Koulouriotis, D.Johnson, Callan, Mackie
OUT: Milburn (knee), Sanderson (calf), Graham (chest), Riccardi (calf) (To be trimmed on Friday)

B: Harley, Scarlett, Rooke
HB: Rahilly, Mooney, Hunt
C: Chapman, Enright, Kelly
HF: Kingsley, Playfair, Haynes
F: Gardiner, McCarthy, Bartel
FOLL: Chambers, Corey, Ling
I/C: Spriggs, Koulouritis, Tenace, Moloney, Callan, Johnson, Mackie

Carlton Squad

IN:Davies, McCormick, McGrath
OUT: - (To be trimmed on Friday)

B: Houlihan, Thornton, Norman
HB: Sporn, Whitnall, Teague
C: Lappin, Harford, Clarke
HF: Scotland, Morrell, Fisher
F: Deluca, Fevola, Hulme
FOLL: French, Bannister, Camporeale
I/C from: Davies, Johnson, Kenna, McCormick,
McGrath, Prendergast, Wiggins


Round 13, 2003

GEELONG: 3.1, 7.3, 11.8, 17.13.115 defeated
CARLTON: 3.2, 6.2, 9.2, 12.3.75

GOALS: Geelong: Kingsley 4, Riccardi 3, Lord, Ablett, Chapman 2, Mooney, McCarthy, Wojcinski, Ling.
Carlton: Fevola, Camporeale 3, Lappin 2, Whitnal, Fisher, Beaumont, Fletcher.

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Tip? Carlton by 5 points

Geelong's Matthew Scarlett finds himself in the unusual position of being Geelong's most senior player this Sunday at Optus Oval.