Skilled Stadium - 1:10PM, Sunday, 2 May


James Kelly in action against the Weagles last year



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Geelong Squad

IN:James Kelly, Josh Hunt, Paul Chambers, James Bartel
OUT: Jarad Rooke

B: Wojcinksi, Scarlett, Sanderson
HB: Rahilly, Harley, Milburn
C: Kelly, Ling, Tenace
HF: Riccardi, Graham, Chapman
F: Mackie, Playfair, Kingsley
FOLL: Mooney, Corey, Ablett
INTERCHANGE from: Bartel, D.Johnson, Gardiner, Moloney, Hunt, Chambers

Adelaide Squad

IN:Mattner, Reilly, Rutten

B: Edwards, Hentschel, Bassett
HB: McLeod, Perrie, Massie
C: Burton, Ricciuto, Begley
HF: Johncock, McGregor, Jericho
F: Bock, Carey, S.Stevens
FOLL: Clarke, Stenglein, Bode
INTERCHANGE from: Burns, Doughty, Hudson, Gallagher, Rutten, Reilly, Mattner


Round 11, 2003

ADELAIDE: 1.2, 6.4, 8.6, 11.10 (76) defeated
GEELONG: 3.7, 3.8, 7.10, 8.11 (59)

GOALS: Geelong:Lord 3, Graham, Mooney, McCarthy, Rooke, Chapman.
Adelaide: Welsh 3, Burns, Bassett, Doughty, Perrie, Ricciuto, Smart, Gallagher, Biglands.


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Geelong Football Club member Keith Newman penned a letter to the AFL operations department condemning the actions of Adelaide Crows coach Gary Ayres in 2002.