A day to recall a special sister

CLUB REFLECTS: Peter Riccardi and Gary Ablett Junior disappear behind an avalanche of Daffodil Day footballs. Daffodil Day, which falls on Saturday, is a special day for Riccardi and the club. Photo: PHILIP STUBBS  
Thursday, August 1

NOT a day goes by that Geelong's Peter Riccardi doesn't reflect on the short life of his sister Michelle.

It's been two years since her death from gastric cancer at 22 and he says he still draws inspiration from her courage every time he steps onto the field.

This Saturday will be just that little bit more important for him because it marks Daffodil Day, the international day of hope for all people touched by cancer.

``She still inspires me to this day,'' Riccardi said.

``Just what she went through and how she went about things, putting everything before her despite her sickness.

``This weekend is a little bit more important because Michelle will be more in the back of my mind because of the Daffodil Day.''

Volunteers from the Cancer Council of Victoria will be at Skilled Stadium on Saturday selling limited edition soft toy footballs during the Geelong-Kangaroos game to help raise funds for the fight against cancer.

The council hopes that with the help of the public it can raise more than $2 million to aid cancer research and support services.

Paul Roth, event co-ordinator for the cancer council in western Victoria, said the fight is being won.

``Fifty years ago only a quarter of those diagnosed with a serious cancer survived.

Now more than half of those diagnosed with a serious cancer will be cured and new cancer prevention and treatments are flowing to us from research all the time.''