Proud milestone, sad farewell and apt reunion

Saturday, August 3

LIKE most young players, when I played my first game, I was just so grateful to get picked that I wasn't thinking I might get to 100.

But now that the moment has arrived, it's a pretty good feeling.

It also causes you to stop and think about where you are.

Aged 25 and after 100 games, I am no longer one of the youngsters, particularly at our club.

So I feel a bit more responsibility to be more consistent as a player. I don't mind that. This is a team of blokes you really want to play for.

When you're down in defence, as I am most weeks, it's a good feeling to look up the ground and see everyone really pitching in and playing for each other.

And our back six is a pretty tight outfit as well.

Right throughout the team there's that feeling of, if one player is a bit down, then someone else will come on and help him and the team out.

Right now, whether it was my 100th game or my first, I would say I was pretty lucky to be at the Geelong Football Club.

If nothing else, I am pretty confident I am going to get the chance to fill one small ambition to play in a finals game and win.

I played in two finals games in 1997 and we lost both of those.

And I played against Hawthorn two years ago and we lost that.

Even allowing for those disappointments, I have really enjoyed my time at Geelong.

The club and the town have just the right feel for me.

The pace of the football is pretty fast, furious and highly professional, but the town's fairly relaxed compared with Melbourne.

I was pretty proud to read some of the things the coaches and my team-mates said about me on the club's web-site this week.

Yeah, some had a joke at my expense, but you have to expect that in footy clubs.

But generally, they all said really supportive things and again all these make you want to go out and do your best every week for the team.

It's also special to be sharing my 100th game with some other pretty important people.

Its Snellie's farewell. I hear he's going to throw Freddo Frogs into the crowd as he does his lap of honour. Typical Jason.

And also the blokes from the 1952 premiership side are going to be out on the ground before the start of the game.

In about 52 years, I reckon I'd like to be doing the same thing, celebrating another Geelong premiership.

Winning a final would be nice. Winning a grand final . . .