Cats put Thompson on the membership line

Wednesday, March 5

DON'T be surprised if you receive a phone call from Geelong coach Mark Thompson in the next couple of weeks.

It's been well documented that Thompson often takes it upon himself to call supporters and urge them to join up but this year the club has taken it another step.

With the help of a technology system called SAM (Short Automated Message), Thompson will deliver a personalised message to Geelong residents.

Membership manager Ben Kavenagh said the SAM marketing campaign aimed to tap into the elusive latent supporter base in the Geelong region.

He said Geelong Football Club membership numbers had fluctuated in past years between 19,000 and 25,000.

``Despite these variances, the locally-based section of the membership figure has remained very much stagnant from year to year,'' he said.

``We're always on the look out for more members and this year we have decided to target our own backyard,'' Kavenagh said.

``We have tried many different membership tactics during past campaigns, but they do not seem to have had a major impact in our bid to attract new Geelong-based members.

``SAM is a new marketing campaign that will have great reach and hopefully great effectiveness throughout the Geelong region.

``To receive a call directly from the coach of the Geelong Football Club will be a big buzz for many people and will hopefully result in them considering a greater involvement in their local club.''

Kavenagh said with the win over Brisbane in Cairns last weekend there had been a surge in calls to the club's membership department.

``I think our supporters realise that there may be something special just around the corner and have decided it is time to get involved,'' he said.

``There is an air of excitement in the voices we speak to over the phone.''