Thanks for all the memories, and go the Cats!

Saturday, July 6

WHAT a week!

I think I have felt just about every emotion it is possible to feel.

Obviously I was shattered by the news that I would be forced out of football. I am only 24, well for a few more days.

When I first started at Geelong I thought I could play 300 AFL games and then finish my days as a fat full forward at Upwey.

I guess I will never forget the moment when the surgeon in Sydney told me the news. I flew up there confident I would be able to play again. To be told I would never run again was a shock. Having heard that, I wanted to tell my family and girlfriend Emma first. I also had to tell the club and then the players. I spoke with Brian Cook on the Thursday before we played Richmond and said I didn't want the players to know until after the match.

I couldn't watch the game against the Tigers, the first time that has ever happened since the injury. I thought I might lose control of my emotions if I had been there.

Then we got to Monday and the job of working with my manager and the club through the process of advising our supporters and then the players.

It was in the Godfrey Hirst Room at the club. Bomber sat on one side of me and Brian Cook was on the other and the players were all in front of me.

When I first walked into the room I noticed a few of the boys laughing. Here I was trying to tell them about my retirement and they were having a joke.

I found out later they were laughing at Carl Steinfort's beard. I knew where they were coming from, I've been laughing at it for weeks.

Somehow I got out what I had to say. Then there was a lot of silence and a few tears. But then Sholly said ``well done Pepsi'' and came up and shook my hand. I noticed there were some pizzas on the table so I got stuck into them. No more skinfolds for me!

From then on, it has become a whirl of e-mails and phone calls and interviews.

I am stunned and humbled by the amount of interest and the fantastic things people have done to show their support.

Gary Ayres phoned me and Kevin Sheedy sent me a really nice letter. I didn't think Kevin Sheedy even knew who I was!

All throughout the week I have been thanking people for all the things they have done for me.

I am going to write back to all the people who have written or e-mailed me.

Finally, keep supporting the Cats. I love this club and you should too.

This joint is going somewhere.

It will always be a great disappointment that I won't be as much a part of the journey as I had hoped.

I have no regrets, though, because I left no stone unturned in trying to get back and play.

So boys, when you're running around out there on Skilled Stadium, or the MCG on Grand Final day, and you hear a big roar, rest assured the voice of Jason Snell will be cheering you on longer and louder than anyone.

Thanks for the memories, and go Cats!