Bad luck, eddie

John `Sam' Newman.  
Thursday, July 11

SAM Newman loathes the club that robbed him of his kidney.

An accidental knee to the back from former Magpie back pocket Ernie Hug Senior in the first semi-final of 1967 started Newman's dislike for all things black and white.

The Cats ruckman was taken to hospital with a serious kidney injury and as a result had part of the kidney removed. He went on to play 300 games despite the legacy.

For the past 10 years, Newman has endured week after week of Collingwood president Eddie McGuire bleating in his ear about the mighty Magpie army on their high-rating program, The Footy Show.

So it was with little prompting Newman obliged when asked for his thoughts on Saturday's Geelong-Collingwood blockbuster at the MCG.

``I don't think there is any doubt that Geelong will win after Collingwood's shattering fall away in the last quarter against Adelaide,'' Newman began.

``I feel disappointed for Eddie because I'll just hate it when Geelong is the side that starts Collingwood's downward spiral.

``Eddie is a resilient man and I promise to come down and help him and Nathan Buckley re-adjust at Collingwood next week.''

The Collingwood president's response was straight to the point: ``I'd just say that Sam still harbours regrets about the day he ran out against Collingwood with two kidneys and at the end he only had one.''

The friendly cross-fire between Sam and Eddie will resume on tonight's program, but the former Cats ruckman says he has no plans of having a bet with his co-host.

``What can you bet a man who has everything already?''

On a serious note, Newman predicts the Cats might just sneak into the finals.

``They have been very, very good but the last five sides they have beaten would not constitute earth shattering victories,'' he said.

``That is not their fault, they can only play who they come up against each week.

``But this week is the real test. If they overcome Collingwood they are genuinely 80 per cent better than what most people thought.''

A wooden spoon favourite before round three this year, the Cats would register nine wins and six losses with a win against the third-placed Pies.