Poor timing leaves Cats' banner untouched

Monday, August 12

ST Kilda players weren't the only ones caught out by Geelong's quick start yesterday - even the Geelong cheer squad was caught unawares.

As the Cats took to the field, members of the cheer squad - who had spent hours during the week constructing the banner - were caught napping.

The players were out, the Geelong theme song was playing and all the while the Cats banner laid stationary on the ground. It was erected moments later, but by that time the players were well into their pre-match warm ups.

As Geelong players sprinted back and forth across the half forward line, the banner was patiently held up, waiting for some action.

But eventually it was folded away, untouched.

It wasn't all bad news though - defender Brad Sholl didn't mind at all.

``I don't really like doing things like that because the cheer squad put so much work into making it,'' he said. ``But I never touch the banner, so it made it a bit easier for me.''