Ricco's after-siren goal a special moment

Saturday, June 15

THERE were some pretty special moments at Colonial Stadium last Sunday.

The obvious one was when Ricco kicked the goal after the siren for us to beat Carlton by four points.

That was mayhem. Peter's legs were buckling under the weight of his teammates as we all rushed to congratulate him, and then Mattie Scarlett jumped on top of all of us.

I've been asked a few times if the ball was touched. I think my answer to that is another question: Does it matter?

The result can't be changed.

What a win! You don't like to blow a 38-point lead, but gee, if it's going to be a close one, you want to win it.

For me, there were a couple of personal special events.

The first was the way the Geelong supporters began cheering me as the game wore on.

And then there was the big reception I got when I arrived at the after-match.

It was nowhere near as huge as the one for Ricco, and that's pretty understandable.

But, again, for me it was nice to know the Geelong crowd is so supportive.

Last year's game against Carlton at Optus Oval is now part of history, and there's not a lot of point dwelling on those events.

But it was a tough time, and to hear that support from our people every time the ball came near me was just great.

As good as the victory over Carlton was, you have to move on in footy - and quickly.

We've only had six days to get ready to play Sydney. The Swans in Sydney are always tough.

The announcement of Wayne Schwass' retirement will no doubt pump them up a bit more, but we're pretty pumped ourselves.

We're at 5-6 and with a chance of being in the eight if we can keep up our rate of improvement.

It's pretty special to work with Mark Thompson at this time.

He's a real teacher, a bloke who just sits down with you for a quiet 20-minute chat, and all of a sudden you understand the game that little bit better.

It's little wonder he was such a successful captain at Essendon.

You get the feeling he's pretty determined to have the same sort of success here at Geelong.

More importantly, the players are right with him. And last Sunday's result is part of that.

The senior blokes and the first-gamers now have a common bond - that special moment when Ricco banged home a goal after the siren to beat Carlton.

We will share plenty more great moments like that over the next few years, but this one will stick with us for a long while yet.