Sock-it Lockett mangles Cat

SEVEN ANGRY MEN: Sydney veteran Tony Lockett is pulled off Geelong's David Clarke by teammate Jarad Rooke. Photo: GEELONG ADVERTISER  
Tuesday, June 18

IT was your modern day David and Goliath battle.

And as soon as David Clarke took on Sydney giant Tony Lockett on Saturday night at the SCG, he wished he hadn't.

``As soon as I realised it was him I thought `Oh no, I'm in trouble here','' the hot-headed Geelong winger revealed yesterday.

``He grabbed me and it was all too late - he was angry. It was then I knew I was in some big trouble.''

The meeting of muscle came just before half time after Clarke made incidental contact with Lockett.

Clarke was tossed around like a rag doll - finding Lockett's burly 108kg frame wrestling his petite 83kg body and the giant's hands wringing his neck.

``I can't really remember what happened,'' Clarke said. ``All I can sort of remember was him choking me and on top of me.

``Originally I didn't have a clue who it was, because it was a reflex just to grab him. But then as he turned around and first grabbed me, I realised it was him.''

One teammate tried to lend support, but found the going very, very tough.

``Jarad Rooke was first in, but he said he couldn't move him though,'' Clarke said. ``He said he was too big . . . . but I was able to roll out from underneath him.''

What followed could have been a scene from the cartoon Road Runner.

The Road Runner used his pace to escape the nemesis, Wile E. Coyote.

``I got away,'' Clarke said.

``Bennie (Graham) came up to me straight away and said `Don't get him (Lockett) fired up; the least thing we want is him angry.

``(But) I didn't intentionally do it, because he would be the last person I would pick on the footy field.

``Plugger was a bit stupid (to have a go), but I didn't intentionally do it. Once it started, I tried to get out as quick as I possibly could.''

But was it a case of white line fever for Clarke?

``I don't think so, but I do get a little fiery sometimes.

``You have to give as good as you get. I don't think you can take any crap out on the footy field.

``You have to stand up for yourself, otherwise you will just get pushed over.''

Tony Lockett excluded.