Crackers drops legal bid

Saturday, June 1
Geelong Advertiser

CRACKERS Keenan has backed down on his threat to sue Sam Newman over comments he made on The Footy Show two weeks ago.

Keenan said yesterday that he could not afford to chase Newman through the courts.

``I won't go ahead with the action, it would cost me my house,'' Keenan said.

``It's a rich man's sport and I just can't afford it, I'm not a rich man.

``It's not worth it.''

Two weeks ago Newman launched a blistering personal attack on Keenan and called into question his credentials as a ruck coach. He later launched a broadside against Keenan's old school Assumption College.

Newman said that he was only responding to an article by Keenan that appeared in the Geelong Advertiser on Tuesday, May 21.

In the article Keenan described Newman as a ``goose'' and that he deserved to be inducted in the Hall of Fools for his parody of Chris Grant.

In a prepared statement released by his solicitors yesterday, Keenan described Newman's personal attack as ``unfair'' and ``hurtful''.

``It was unfair and hurtful but, upon further reflection, it was of the standard that I have come to expect from him,'' Keenan said.

``I have refused an invitation to appear on his show as I have no intention of dignifying his behaviour or providing Channel Nine with a controversy to boost their ratings, which is probably what this is all about.

``Newman's abuse and attempt to denigrate my character was at the level one would expect from a bad-tempered schoolboy.''

Keenan went on to say that he was encouraged by the level of support he had received from high profile sports people and members of the public.

Newman said he appreciated that Keenan had dropped his threat of action.

``I appreciate Crackers Keenan coming to the conclusion that if you give it then you take it,'' he said.