Colonial the perfect stage for a big Cat performance

Saturday, July 20

IT'S good news that we're looking more and more to play our Melbourne home games at Colonial Stadium next year.

It's a great place to be at when it's full, the closed roof making the crowd seem even bigger than 56,000.

And I guess because its the venue where we beat Carlton with a goal after the final siren, it's always going to be special for this current group of players.

None of us will ever forget that moment when Ricco's kick sailed between the posts.

The other good thing about Colonial from a Geelong spectator's point of view is how easy it is to get there by train.

For that Carlton game, we had the promotion that Mitchell White did when he went up on the train.

He told how easy it was to get off the train at Spencer Street and just walk up the steps, straight off the platform, into Colonial.

I don't know if we need to do any promotions for tonight's game. It's pretty close to a sellout.

We'd like to think though that we can squeeze in as many Geelong fans as possible.

Essendon will be a tough assignment for us tonight, mainly because they are tough every time we play them.

In our favour, the boys have been playing some very consistent football over the past month and a bit, probably starting with that win over Carlton.

The close win - and the one the following week against Sydney - gave us a lot of belief in ourselves.

I think we reached a pretty even standard against Collingwood last week. From full back to full-forward, everyone really pitched in.

I guess that showed in the goalkickers. Three blokes, Cameron Mooney, Kent Kingsley and Steve Johnson, kicked four goals.

The challenge is to maintain what we have started for the rest of the season. There are some pretty big games in front of us.

That's why no one is even thinking about finals.

One thing you learn in football is if you start to get ahead of yourself, you'll fall over very quickly.

That's something this group of Geelong players doesn't want to do.