SERIOUSLY: Sam Newman signs a football at the Hall of Fame ceremony in Melbourne last night.  
Tuesday, May 21
Geelong Advertiser

SAM Newman became the 15th Geelong player inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame last night but he couldn't help but be mystified by the whole concept.

Newman is in the corner of former Geelong champion Gary Ablett, who he believes should already be among the AFL's hall-of-famers.

``I'm going along to represent Gary,'' Newman said prior to the function. ``If I can get a gig I'd like to know why he can't.

``I'm on the side that says he should be inducted but far be it from me to second guess the judges.

``I would wonder about myself. Why I'm inducted, why now, why not before, why at all?''

Newman says the controversy surrounding Ablett's absence from the Hall of Fame will take some gloss off the day it happens.

``When he's inducted it will be such an anti-climax that it won't get the credit it deserves,'' he said. ``Gary Ablett will be inducted, there's no doubt about that, but there are plenty of other people who are deserving of it also.''

Asked if the induction was a great honour, Newman replied: ``Well, we set aside 18 years of our lives to play footy. If we play okay at it or last the distance we get invited to functions like this.''