Cats deep in talent

Tuesday, May 21
Geelong Advertiser

GEELONG fans might not be getting a whole lot of joy from watching the side's senior performances in the past couple of weeks but they can draw some heart from the VFL team.

Sitting second on the ladder with five wins, Geelong's VFL side is providing the club with plenty to look forward to with a clutch of raw youngsters putting pressure on the AFL line-up each week.

While James Bartel and Gary Ablett have grabbed most of the headlines and provided the material for Geelong's premise that it has a bright future, the club's VFL youngsters are proving that the club will have plenty of depth in the future too.

Already James Kelly and Steve Johnson have earned call ups and others will before the year is out.

``I think good clubs always have people who are pushing up from below and want to get somewhere so I think that's a good sign for us,'' VFL coach Ron Watt said.

``I think with the young fellas playing in a team that's winning more than it's losing they're gaining plenty of confidence out of it.

``They are really take a huge interest in what they're dong at AFL level and really keen about their next opponents and seeking to find out as much as they can about them so that they can be as well prepared as they can.

``It's pretty clear our future is going to be dictated by how well our young fellas develop over the next couple of years.''