Geelong Advertiser
Tuesday May 21st

Newman a legend in the Hall of Fools - Crackers Keenan

Sam Newman was last night inducted into the AFL's Hall of Fame; he should also be inducted into the Hall of Fools.

I played a lot of footy against Sam and rate him as one of the best.

He deserves his place after 300 games, captain of the club and making Geelong's team of the century, but to see him last Thursday night with a windsock on top of his head and blinkers in a Western Bulldogs jumper, I felt sorry for him.

To allow himself to be belittled and degraded like that saddened me.

He should have completed the picture of a goose by sitting on a dunking chair to humiliate himself further.

He really did look like a goose. I don't think Sam realises how much of a goose he looked.

Such a good player doesn't need to resort to such absurd antics to maintain his profile. I cringed when I saw it.

People are soon going to remember him only for his antics such as last Thursday night and the night he had his pants whipped down.

I might be remembered for whacking Don Scott and being a larrikan on the field but I haven't dacked myself or worn a windsock on my head...yet.