Members to have final say on guernsey

Friday, April 26
Geelong Advertiser

ANY guernsey change to avoid a clash of colours would need to be approved by Geelong members, Cats' chief executive Brian Cook said.

As the AFL looks certain to take the serious step towards eliminating jumper clashes - asking clubs to develop an alternate strip - Cook warned of the Cats' colour plight.

Geelong is on a list of conflicting club colours understood to be at the ire of the AFL, who want another jumper of different appearance introduced to avoid any mix-ups.

``It would be a challenge to develop an alternate jumper within the constraints of the constitution as you have to have hoops with the colours navy blue and white,'' Cook said.

``We're not going to do cart wheels if the AFL asks us to change. We would take it to the members to get their vote,'' he added.

``If the members say no we don't want an alternate jumper - that is their right - we would have to tell the AFL that sorry, we simply couldn't do that because we are bound by our rules and our members have indicated that's the way it is.''

The AFL looks almost certain to ask clubs to seek an alternative guernsey to avoid the clashes after the Cats' recent game with the Kangaroos was marred by turnovers, blamed by players on the likenesses.

The issue is expected to arise at a chief executive's meeting at AFL House next week.

Geelong, Essendon, Collingwood, Melbourne, Richmond, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs and the Kangaroos all have conflicting strips with many of the AFL's 16 other clubs.

pa+.5Clubs are expected to be asked to work with their on field supplier to supply a ``clash'' guernsey. Some clubs already have up to three strips - one for pre season, one for home game and one for away matches. Both Essendon and Collingwood have only one and have stated they will stick with their traditional colours.

Meanwhile, Cook said Geelong was on the verge of signing captain Ben Graham to a two-year deal.